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What do we offer to runners?

With the focus on the individual and human aspect of running and training, all our training programs are tailor-made and are based on you and your goals. No pre-configured schedules or computer-generated plans, but training programs build from scratch, relying on our 25+ years of coaching experience. With runners from Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the United States signed up for our programs we are building communities all over the world.


No two runners are the same, each has their own potential and capabilities, but are nonetheless champions in their own world. We treat everyone as a champion and with our tailor-made programs based on you and your goals, we try to make you the best version as possible of yourself.


With a sport where time, distance and pace play an important role, numbers and data take the forefront in our approach. We conduct regular tests and use the data from each run to adjust the training schedules and running paces accordingly. We do all the calculations so you only have to do the running.


Our most important feature is our human interaction. Our experience in analysing data and taking the human aspect into account helps our runners tremendously. There are no algorithms that can replace the human emotions and feelings. Everything we do is done by real people to give you a program that adapts to your progress and setbacks.


Whatever your goals might be, whether it is becoming faster on a certain distance or being able to run longer races or a combination of both, we can help you get there. As we prepare the schedules maximum 2 to 3 weeks in advance, you can easily adjust your goals.


We value the 1-on-1 interaction with our runners. This happens through e-mail, WhatsApp, video and voice calls, and the comments within the runner’s dashboard. The interaction ensures that the schedules and plans are living and updated to your current situation.


Running is all about improving ourselves and being able to run longer and faster. We pay a lot of attention in setting the correct and attainable (long term) goals. We don’t endorse racing and going full out to break your Personal Best week after week. Instead, we use these races as tests and target a few runs per year where you really will shine..


Having a good running form is very important to be able to run healthy and injury free for a long time. That is why our Diamond Pack includes 1 free video analysis per month. We share our findings and the edited video with you together with tips and exercises on how to improve your form and technique.


We do not make any false promises or set any unattainable goals that would leave you disappointed. With our experience, we can make a pretty accurate prediction of your capabilities and help you set your short and long term targets with ease.

Training Plans

We offer a variety of different training plans based your current level, your needs and wants.

Bronze Pack
USD 49

A 30-day personalised training schedule for beginning runners who want to run a few times a week. Ideal for people who aim to run a decent 5k or 10k race.

Go for Bronze
Silver Pack
USD 74

A 30-day personalised training schedule for runners with some experience. This plan is ideal for those who want to join in races up to Half Marathons.

Go for Silver
Gold Pack
USD 99

A 30-day personalised training schedule for more advanced runners. The daily runs will give you enough mileage to be able to run marathons.

Go for Gold
Diamond Pack
USD 199

A 30-day personalised training schedule for advanced runners. This plan will give you a personal coach who is available for you 7-days a week to help you reach your goals.

Go for Diamond


These packs are part of a long term vision, where a slow and steady progression will ensure a long and healthy running life. Each plan is 100% personalised and based on your past performances, tests and future goals.

Special discount rates available for members of the Independence Pacers Running Club Colombo (free membership).

(1) not including unlimited (scheduled) recovery runs
(2) Response time valid for messages and e-mails received between 2 AM and 6 PM UTC.

“I have been training with Jayaruwan for over 7 months and their methodology works. If you want to start running or like myself get back into a consistent running program, Jayaruwan Running will tailor-make a program to suit you and your goals. I am very pleased with the results. I am running much faster and stronger.”

Sharlyn Stafford

“Training with Jayaruwan Running has opened up a new world to me. Their methods really help me getting faster day by day.”

Agnes Safford

“For over 8 years I was chasing the 1hr mark for the 10k. Then I joined Jayaruwan and within 4 months I easily reached my goal. Their scientific and technical approach, and different views on training have even helped me break some mental blocks. Joining Jayaruwan was one of my best decisions.”

Prasad Arunachalam
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About Jayaruwan Running

“Jaya” means Victory and “Ruwan” means Gem in Sinhala, the language spoken by the majority of the people in Sri Lanka.


Jayaruwan Running is all about creating a healthy running environment to ensure a long-lasting running life. We do this by looking at each runner individually and coming up with a very detailed personalised plan that focusses on the needs and wants of the runner and setting up short and long term goals.
As for running itself, our mantra is “running slower will make you faster”. Over the years, we have seen many runners wasting their energy going too fast during long and recovery runs, wasting all the energy they might need for their speed sessions and races, without giving their body a chance to rest. We aim to instill the best practices used by world-class runners and translate that into training schedules for the average runner.


After starting a local running club in Colombo, Sri Lanka with the focus on improving the athletes rather that just running together, some of the runners started asking if there was a possibility to help, guide and train their friends and family abroad. Hence the idea of doing online coaching came to be and by the beginning of 2019 our first steps were set with the first runners outside of Sri Lanka joining.


Our first step is to expand our group of runners, creating running clubs, groups or communities all over the world, who run and train together using our training programs. The next step would be to help grow a few runners into assistant coaches that can help out the local running group and be the eyes and ears on the ground.
Both steps will ensure ever-improving conditions for the runners, which in turn will lead to better performances both in practice and during races.


Our founder and head coach, Gert, started running back in 1980 at the age of 8. Quickly establishing himself as a talented young middle-distance runner, he regularly set year bests in different youth categories in Belgium and gathered some medals at international youth competitions and set personal bests of 49″04 over the 400m and 1’49″89 over the 800m. After major setbacks because of injuries, he started focussing at the coaching and training aspect as an 18-year old. He soon became certified and has been honing his coaching and motivational skills ever since. He kept on running recreationally and moving more to longer distances, going 16’40” on the 5k and 2h45’58” on the marathon.
His analytical mind and love for data also led him to other sports, such as basketball, baseball and handball. In the meantime he kept on helping beginning runners to establish healthy running habits and improve their performance through exact and detailed training programs.

Coach’s Corner

Jayaruwan Running head coach Gert’s thoughts, tips & tricks, and random ramblings…